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Dental Emergency FAQs

Baton Rouge Emergency Dentist

If you suddenly experience a dental emergency, Baton Rouge dentist, Dr. Gardner Wade, will see you the same day. Dr. Wade's office is open six days a week and most major holidays, with convenient office hours, including evening and Saturday appointments.

Since most dental emergencies seem to occur or worsen once one gets home from work, or on the weekends, when dental offices are closed, it is a relief to find an after hours Baton Rouge dentist who works extended hours to get you out of pain. Dr. Wade is located in Baton Rouge and serves all surrounding areas including Denham Springs, Walker, Prairieville, Gonzales, St. Gabriel, Brusly, Port Allen, Baker, Central and Zachary.

After Hour Treatment Protocol for a Toothache Resulting from a Dental Abscess

The reason for dental pain, if not due to trauma, is usually caused by tooth decay penetrating into the pulp of the tooth. If the office is closed and you are experiencing pain, rinse with warm salt water and make sure that no food is trapped in the decayed portion of the tooth, or in between two teeth. Flossing and brushing are good to aid with food or debris removal. A helpful tip is to tie a single knot in the floss and gently try to remove the object. These kinds of emergencies usually arise from infection that has traveled from the pulp down the tooth and has caused an abscess at the bottom of one or more of the roots exiting out to the tissue in the form of a pimple or swelling of the tissue.

If your cheek, chin, or mouth is swollen, apply a cold compress to the area outside of your mouth. Do not use heat on a swollen area of the mouth because this can cause the area to swell more.

After Hour Treatment Protocol for a Broken Tooth

If the tooth is broken and not loose, attempt to save all pieces if possible, so that they may potentially be rebonded back on, or to aid in recreating the look of the tooth if the pieces are not able to be used and the tooth needs to be built back up.

After Hour Treatment Protocol for a Lost Filling

If the tooth is sensitive to extreme temperatures, then an over the counter temporary filling from your local drug store such as Dentemp, Refilit, or even a piece of sugarless gum will aid to seal the tooth until the office opens.

After Hour Treatment Protocol for a Knocked Out Tooth

The shorter the time the tooth is out of the mouth, the greater the chance of survival of the tooth. Rinse the tooth off with room temperature water, making certain not to disturb any of the vital tissue that is attached to the root of the tooth. The best place for the tooth to be to maintain its vitality is back in the socket from which it came. If for some reason this cannot be achieved, then milk will suffice until you can get to your local drug store and purchase an over the counter product such as "Save a Tooth" or "EMT Tooth Saver." Of course, it is best to get to our office as soon as it reopens.

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